Choose The Order Of Training For Beginners

This two-day order picker course online consists of a written theory assessment (in English) and practical training and assessment.

Participants need a strong command of English to complete the writing and practical components of this course.

Upon successful completion, the participant will receive a temporary paper license (valid for 60 days), during which time the participant must request a state-recognized photo ID from Worksafe and pay an additional $ 100.

Course information:

Topics covered in this course include:

• Planning of tasks

• Preparation for the job

• Performing a task

• Packaging

What to bring:

Strict identity requirements apply to this process. You will need a photo ID (Australian driver’s license or passport) and 1 photo ID (eg medical or ATM card), or 1 basic photo ID with photo. Enter your date of birth (for example, birth certificate) and 2 secondary ID cards without a photo (for example, Medicare, ATM, or health care card).


Participants must pass a written theory assessment (in English) and a practical operational assessment to complete this white card course online. I have 50-word problems and 5 calculation problems. This is a personal review.


• Due to the licensing requirements of Worksafe WA, you must be at least 18 years of age to take this course.
• Be able to read, write and communicate in English at a level that allows you to work safely in an Australian workplace.
• Interpreters cannot help students evaluate.
• Worksafe believes that to ensure workplace safety and comply with regulatory requirements, HRWL applicants must have sufficient knowledge of the English language to communicate verbally with other workers and read and understand the following, where applicable.
• Safety signs in the workplace.
• User manuals for plants such as forklifts and work platforms.
• For plants, as in the example above, load compliance tables and/or plates.
• Assembly instructions and drawings related to order preparation.
• Analysis of occupational risks (JAI).
• There should be no physical or medical condition that could affect the safe performance of the actual activity involved.
• Pre-course work must be completed before the course (Learner’s Guide). Details on how to access this can be found in your confirmation email.

Reasonable convenience:

Participants with learning disabilities may request an oral theory assessment or request additional time to complete the study and assessment. Please inform us at the time of booking.


TLILIC0004- Forklift driver’s license collection.

Validate till:

The current license is valid for 5 years.

Course cost:

The order picker course online fees must be paid when booking before the course starts (currently all course fees can be found on the website and in the marketing brochure). For more convenience, you can pay for the course with a credit or debit card (through the Visa or MasterCard network) or in cash or EFTPOS (available only in stores). If you do not have access to these means, you can pay by internet bank transfer by our agreement with TCE, but reservations are only possible if (a) funds paid have been received from our bank account or (b) they have been received. Certificate of funds transfer.