The Disadvantages Of Homeschooling

In the earlier days, sports weren’t paid attention to for homeschoolers. However, now better options have come up. There are lists of sports programmes available for homeschooled children, just as public school children. Also, due to the flexible time schedules, it is easy to engage in sports activities while learning. Here, your kid has a better range of sports to choose from, other than the usual sports offered at public schools.Homeschooling might have been a great option considering the poor maintenance of public schools and also the personal development a child gains through home schooling. However, every situation has two sides. There are many disadvantages of homeschooling as well, so here are some of them. The next time you think of getting your little one homeschooled, think of these too.

Lack of socialization
We always encourage our kids to make friends, but well if they are at home, how are they going to? A school will provide the necessary environment with a diverse set of students whom your kid can be friends with. Social relationships are an essential for a child, since he or she should not feel isolated. So, enroll him in a proper school to meet new people and learn how to face the world. If you are still planning on homeschooling, at least get a few more homeschooled kids and do maths tutor Sydney as a group. This will help your child meet a few new people, not just his family members.

No certified teachers
At public school, you child will be under the care and guidance of professional and certified teachers, unlike homeschoolers who needs to stay under you. Let’s face it, you might not be as well trained as they are, so your child may not get the optimum education he should. Yes, you could of course find certified tutors here such as a private maths tutor or English teacher for your homeschooled child, however you may not be able find such teachers for all subjects.

No extra activities
Schools provide many opportunities for children such as sports, clubs and societies, music, art, dance etc. These facilities cannot be provided for homeschooled children since of course you cannot create a drama club with just you and your kid. Also, schools organize fun activities such as field trips, concerts, musicals and even various competitions. Homeschooled children miss out on all these. They will simply be at home the entire day with you. This is not beneficial for personal development as they will be confined to the four walls at home, not exploring their skills and talents.

Lack of independence
In school, your child learns to make new friends, do their studies and projects all alone. This will enhance independence in your child. However, if homeschooled, your kid will never learn to get things done on his own, since you are always around. He needs to stand up on his own feet since you will not be beside him when he steps into society.